A Message From Farkhunda Muhtaj

Go Fund Me 

Vaughan Soccer Club is honoured to begin an Afghanistan humanitarian relief initiative with current Vaughan League 1 Ontario player, Farkhunda Muhtaj. Far is the captain of the Afghanistan Women’s National Team and has been actively involved in assisting Afghanistan since the fall of the Afghan government.   


Afghanistan is currently going through a devastating humanitarian and displacement crisis. They are on the brink of universal poverty and lack basic necessities to sustain life. As the political turmoil continues to increase, the lives of millions of Afghans continue to be in danger.


550, 000 Afghans have been displaced from Afghanistan due to the escalation of violence and insecurity in the country in the recent weeks. 80% of those displaced are women and children. Another 18 million Afghans within Afghanistan desperately require immediate humanitarian and medical aid. Afghanistan’s political unrest has left women and children homeless and suffering from malnutrition.


In response, Vaughan Soccer Club has developed a Go Fund Me campaign that will support Afghanistan during these unprecedented times. All proceeds will be directed to Penny Appeal Canada and Deliver Fund. Far has been assisting Penny Appeal Canada who has been distributing food packs, hygiene kits, clothes, and blankets throughout Afghanistan. She has also been working on emergency rescue operations with Deliver Fund.


We encourage the Vaughan community to share and donate towards this cause. We are committed to reaching our goal and ensuring we support our Afghan community during this difficult time. Together we can provide a meaningful impact for our Afghan brothers and sisters.