The Vaughan Soccer Club Inc., located at 11151 Keele Street, Maple, Ontario, L6A 1S8 is a not-for-profit organization that provides the Community of Vaughan complete youth (boys/girls) and adult (men/women), recreational and competitive soccer programs.

The Vaughan Soccer Club Inc. has been an active participant in the Maple and Concord communities within the City of Vaughan since 1982. The Club originally was founded under the name of “Concord Jets”, a name that is still part of the Vaughan Soccer Club today. In 1986, the name “Concord Jets” was officially replaced with the current name, “Vaughan Soccer Club Inc”. When this name change occurred, the club had already committed to various competitive leagues under the old name of “Concord Jets”; therefore the club did not start to officially use the “Vaughan Soccer Club Inc.” name until the following year in 1987.

The Vaughan Soccer Club has been experiencing significant growth since 1982 to become the 2nd largest Soccer Club in York Region in 2012 (numbers based on Indoor/Outdoor registration statistics provided by the YRSA).

The reasons for this outstanding growth are too many to mention but we will touch upon the most significant ones:

The most obvious has been the population growth in the City of Vaughan which is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. Vaughan is one of the fasted growing communities in Canada. The current population is approximately 280,000 and is expected to reach 325,000 by 2015 and 350,000 by year 2020. The Vaughan Soccer Club continues to enjoy an extremely positive image within the community. The club prides itself in providing the community with quality youth, adult recreational, competitive and special needs programs. The foundation was built over 30 years ago with less than 10 volunteers in 1982 and now has grown to over 500 volunteers yearly.

The club also participates in many community events such as:

• The yearly Vaughan Santafest Parade – The Vaughan Soccer Club has been participating in this event since the early 2000’s.
• The City of Vaughan vs Vaughan Soccer Club ‘Mayors Game’ (started in 2011 with all proceeds donated to various charities.
• Vaughan Soccer Club yearly participation in the Chum Christmas Wish Toy Drive (started in 2008).
• Vaughan Soccer Club was a major partner and sponsor in the 2013 Vaughan in Motion ‘Golf to Cure Cancer’ golf tournament in an effort to harness the supportive power of our membership and growing community who enjoy playing the game of golf for a worthwhile cause!
•  The Vaughan Soccer Club is hosting the first annual ‘kick4Cancer Mayor’s Cup’ game in partnership with the OSA and York Region which takes place weekend of August 30 to 31st and September 1st 2013. This event has support from Ron Smale the OSA President and Lucille Abate the YRSA President.
• The Vaughan Soccer Club sponsored the CCSYR (Integration Network- Building Community Connections for Newcomers in York Region) 2013 Police Games. The club donated the facility; uniforms; equipment and provided volunteers for this charitable event. The club will participate in this event on a yearly basis as required.
• The Vaughan Soccer Club members (house league and competitive) are highly encouraged to get involved with charities or charitable events in our community and outside the community.
• The Vaughan Soccer Club’s innovative programs have had a positive influence on the clubs youth and adult recreational and competitive members.

These programs have also helped the club achieve the OSA ‘Gold Excellence Award’ for meeting the OSA Top Standards (2013). These innovative programs consist of:

• Special Needs program that started in 2012 with 22 participants and has grown to 43 participants in 2013. The program is fully funded by the VSC and its Sponsors.
• Recreational male and female programs (U4 to U18) made up of approximately 3,300 indoor/outdoor youth participants.
• Women’s recreational adult female programs that consist of over 700 indoor/outdoor participants.
• Men’s recreational adult program that consist of over 230 outdoor participants (The VSC will be implementing a men’s adult indoor league during the 2013/2014 season).
• The competitive youth program consists of over 1,000 indoor/outdoor female/male participants and approximately 300 adult competitive indoor/outdoor female/male participants.
• In 2013, the Vaughan Soccer club had 53 competitive talented female/male youth and adult teams with many of these teams playing at the highest level of competition in Ontario.
• In 2012 the Vaughan Soccer Club also applied (with the support of its members and Board of Directors) for the future OSA’s League 1 Semi Pro Team.
• VSC continues to develop their high performance athletes to ensure they have the opportunities to be successful at the Regional, District, Provincial, National Programs, Professional Clubs, University and College Institutions.
• VSC has an average of approximately 30 players yearly that are involved in Regional, District, Provincial, National Programs. This is in addition to the many players that graduate from the VSC to go on to play for CIS and US Colleges and Universities on a yearly basis. Many of these players are offered scholarships.

The VSC club has a strategic plan in place to continue to grow our current talent to meet the clubs growth and membership expectations.