Outdoor Fields/Indoor Facilities

All Vaughan Soccer Club’s soccer fields are LTPD compliant as per Ontario Soccer’s guidelines. If you have any trouble locating any field, or if any of our links below are incorrect, please let us know by emailing us at website@vaughansoccer.comField Closure Hot Line: If you anticipate that a field may be closed due to rain or other but are unsure… the number for field closures in Vaughan is 905-832-8577. Please listen to and follow the instructions as the extension numbers change.

Field Security Patrol: 905-832-2281 Ext.0 (If the field is locked, Security will also come to open gates and lights but they will take 15 to 20 minutes so call ASAP)

SCHOOL PARKING LOT NOTICE: Please note: Vaughan Soccer Club has been notified by the City of Vaughan that parents/teams using school fileds, should refrain from parking in their parking lots. School parking are not part of our field permits (OUR PERMITS ARE ONLY FOR FIELDS). We have no permit to use the school parking lots and therefore, parking lots will be locked by the schools. AVOID having your vehiocle locked in!!!

Please click on a field name below to see its map or, Click here to see City of Vaughan Parks Directory

12 Oaks Park 525 Via Romano Blvd Vaughan, ON
Agostino Park 535 Confederation Pkwy
Apple Blossom Park/Meriam Segal Park 220 Apple Blossom Dr.
Avondale Club Offices only 11151 Keele Street
Avro/Maple Airport Mini-mini fields 79 Avro Rd.
Carville Mill Park 501 Mark Santi Blvd
Castlehill Park/Father John Kelly C.S. 70 Castlehill Rd.
Clearview Park 9 v 9 106 Via Romano Blvd. Maple Ontario L6A 4X1
Concord/Thornhill Regional Park Vaughan, ON L4J 8X9
Cranston Park 220 Cranston Park Ave.
Discovery Park 90 Discovery Trail
Freedom Trail Park 121 Freedom Trail
Gibson Park – Joseph A. Gibson PS 50 Naylon St. Vaughan, ON
Jack Pine Park 61 Petticoat Road
Julliard Park 61 Julliard Drive
Langstaff Park 9 v 9 South Side of Langstaff Rd, east of Keele
Le Parc 172 Connie Crescent
Mackenzie Glen / Cranston Park 220 Cranston Park Ave.
Mackenzie Glen Public School 575 Melville Ave.
Maple Airport/Avro: Mini-mini fields 79 Avro Rd.
Maple Community Center (M.C.C.) 10190 Keele St.
Maple High School 50 Springside Road
Maple Reservoir 10588 Keele Street
Mast Park   195 Mast Rd.
McNaughton Turf Field 26 McNaughton Rd.
Meriam Segal 220 Apple Blossom Dr.
Michael Cranny PS Mini 155 Melville Ave.
Michael Cranny PSl Mini-mini 155 Melville Ave.
Mill Race Park (Rep 9 v 9) 310 Thomas Cook Avenue, Vaughan
Misty Sugar Park 75 Misty Sugar Trail
North Maple Regional Park 11185 Keele Street, Maple Ontario L6A 1S1
N Thornhill District Park Mini E(1) W(2) 300 Pleasant Ridge Avenue
Ontario Soccer Centre 7601 Martin Grove Rd, Woodbridge, ON L4L 9E4
Pheasant Hallow Mini Park 201 Peter Rupert Drive.
Reeves Park 251 Barrhill Rd.
Spring Blossom 1 Apple Blossom Drive, Thornhill, ON
St. David Elementary School 240 Killian Rd.
St. Joan of Arc 1 St Joan of Arc Ave. Maple, ON L6A 2W8
Starling Park 131 Starling Blvd.
Stephen Lewis H.S. 555 Autumn Hill
Thornhill Woods Park Mini NW Corner Thornhill Woods Drive-Summeridge Dr.
Vaughan Sportsplex II 8301 Keele St, Concord, ON L4K 1Z6
Wade Gate 9 v 9 151 Wade Gate, Thornhill, L4J 5X7
Woodrose Park 189 Lady Fenyrose Avenue, Vaughan, ON
Woodvalley Park Senior Field 2 Marc Santi Boulevard


The field closure hotline for the city is 905-832-8577 press 3. Please note: be patient, listen to the voice message, and wait for the prompts given by the recording, the extension listed may have changed. Please note this wet field policy usually applies to grass fields.

In the interest if maintaining the high quality of playing fields and in effort to prevent injury, the City of Vaughan will enforce the following policy and procedures when sports fields become saturated. Sports fields issues/concerns are managed by the City of Vaughan. In order to preserve the quality of City maintained sports fields, the Parks Operations staff maintain our sports fields with the assistance of the Managing Use on Premium Fields Policy and Wet Field Policy. If there is a heavy rainfall and saturation on the sports fields, Parks and Forestry may temporarily close soccer fields as per the policy.


Attention All VSC members: Be the first to know when sports fields are closed! The City of Vaughan has an alert system to email you once aSports Field Notice is posted on the website. By simply creating a profile on the City website and signing up for email alerts, notices will be sent to you by email the moment they happen!

How to register for weather alerts:

1. Go to www.vaughan.ca
2. Select REGISTER (top right), follow prompts and Submit
3. An email is sent to you to activate your account. Click on the link in the email and you will confirm that your account is activated
4. Login (top right) to www.vaughan.ca
5. Click MyAccount (top left), click on my MyAlerts
6. Click on Sport Field Closure
7. Save Changes and LogOut


Please note: Vaughan Soccer Club has been notified by the City of Vaughan that parents/teams using school fileds, should refrain from parking in the school parking lots. School parking are not part of City of Vaughan field permits (OUR PERMITS ARE ONLY FOR FIELDS). Vaughan Soccer Club have no permit that allows us to use the school parking lots and therefore, parking lots will be locked by the schools. AVOID having your vehicle locked in!!!