U12 (2010 Born) Information

Program Description:

Our U12 program operates during the winter and summer seasons. Program accepts all players. Players will receive 3 training sessions per week plus a game as part of their program. Program last between 36-38 weeks a year between summer and winter season. Registration is paid prior to the start of the season. Entrance into this program is done through assessment sessions.

The U12 age group is a “transitional year” as they are transitioning from 9 a side into 11 v 11 the following year; therefore, players must obtain a firm understanding of the game in order to be successful at an older age. Heavy emphasis should be placed on the decision-making process of players in situational play. Sessions will be predominately technique and individual tactical based with the objective of the collective in mind.

Our U12 overall objective is to create a developmental environment for every player that matches their individual playing needs and abilities.

Cost: Communicated by the program leader prior to the start of the season

What does the fee include:

  • Club registration
  • Field costs
  • Coaching costs
  • League entry costs
  • Referee costs
  • Uniform
  • Pictures
  • End of season banquet

Parents to provide:

  • Soccer equipment
  • Contributions to team budget for extra tournaments/festivals and team events



Program Leader – Vince Calabria – vincescalabria@gmail.com


Program Leader – Alessia Mattucci – alessiabmattucci@gmail.com

Age group Objectives:

  • Have Fun
  • Refine Technique
  • Performing skill in game situations
  • Individual decision making in possession
  • Basic attacking and defending tactics 1 v 1 up to 5 v 5