who we are

VSC Mission Statement

Vaughan Soccer Club is a non for-profit sports organization, dedicated to developing and exposing our athletes of all levels and backgrounds to the best possible soccer experience. Our goal is not only to produce great athletes but to use sport as a vehicle for teaching our athletes important life lessons, and developing values, character and social skills.

Our goal is to provide members of the community a safe and inclusive opportunity to participate in soccer and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

VSC Vision

  • Developing healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Training young athletes to be good people.
  • Helping children to be happy in sport.
  • Development of good soccer players: For the first team and the next level (NCAA, CIS, CPL, MLS etc.)

Our Purpose

• To provide a professionalized platform that ensures each athlete reaches their full potential through our technical philosophy and core values as teachers  of the game and life.

• Developing a culture of excellence.

• To become the #1 club in player development in the province.

VSC Mission Statement

For Coaches, teammates, opponents, officials, parents, club, game.

Always be honest and do the right thing.

An obligation or willingness to accept responsibility and account for ones actions.

Continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure or opposition. To work hard even when no one is looking.

Confidence without arrogance. Only with humility will a person continue to grow.

Welcome to all.